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The Studio
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Art has always been part of my life; it is what I excel at. All my work is a collaboration with nature and with things that were. I first started to use recycled material in my art when I was in college to keep down the cost of materials. That put me on a long journey that evolved over time, as did my art. Also, my travels to many places like Santa Fe, with its Rio Grande high style and art made by indigenous peoples, the Adirondacks of New York, and the craftsmen who built its great rustic camps, all of this and more have bored into my psyche and shaped my eye.

I consider myself an urban forester and have been "green" before "green" was "green." I have worked with recycled wood, urban milled wood, and other vintage material. I use these recycled materials and am influenced and inspired by them.

I aim to communicate through a sense of feeling or instinct in my art. My art is not meant to have a particular meaning; instead, I aspire to touch your sense of whimsy, to bring a smile to your face. I am always working "green" and loving it!

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